Certificate Programme in Salesforce Management

Salesforce expected to generate 4.2 M jobs by 2024 across the globe IT industry worldwide has a very high demand for Salesforce professionals. Salesforce platform development skills are one of the highest-paid for entry-level graduates. This Certificate Programme will prepare you for jobs as Salesforce Administrator Developer roles. This is a blended program, with a mix of live online and in-campus training, designed by seasoned technology industry experts and management faculty.

Program objective

SDFC is a trending skill with high y-o-y Industry growth. The SFDC admin and developers are in high demand with significant growth potential and offers a great career prospect in advanced SFDC roles. This program aims to:

  • To create Industry Ready professionals to take advantage of the SFDC demand and offer bright career prospects in IT Industry
  • Provide Technical and Behavioral skills required to be successful in the given roles by delivering a holistic program
  • Provide you with SFDC Certifications relevant for the roles
  • Prepare you against a job specification and skill demand validated by TechM, an Industry Leader in IT services
  • Provide you with opportunity to be interviewed by TechM for their requirements in SFDC roles on successful course completion
  • Help you Transition into high-end SDFC Admin and Developer role from non-SFDC or non-IT roles
Duration Course Schedule Class Timing Program Fee
16-18 Weeks 300 (250 Learning Hours + 50 Hours Behavioral Training) Monday- Friday: 1900-2100 hrs IST, Saturday – Sunday: 0900-1200(Noon) hrs IST INR 2,00,000/- + GST

who should attend

  • Those already in IT industry looking to upskill in SFDC
    • Professional with 1 to 5 years of IT experience
    • Good hands-on knowledge of HTML5 CSS3, JavaScript, Java 8, J2EE (Servlets/JSP), Web server (Tomcat) and RDBMS/SQL, Cloud Basics
  • Non-IT experience looking to switch to IT
    • Functional experience of 1-5 years as end-user of technology
    • Domain knowledge of the industry vertical


Program Delivery

The sessions will be delivered on Tech Mahindra interactive learning platform.


  • Immersive Learning Using Case analysis, Assignments and Projects.
  • Online and off-line Learning Modules, supplemented by Projects and Assignments.
  • Assessments at various stages, and at the end of the Course.
  • Blended learning along with expert connect sessions for query resolution.
  • Assessment every week and consolidated at the end.



  • Education – BE/B.Tech - CS/Computer Engineering/IT/E&C/E&TC/Telecom/Communication/Electronics or MCA/M.Sc (Computer Science)
  • Any graduate with [60]% aggregate marks- Candidate should have completed at least 15 + years of formal education of recognised institutions
  • Age: not above [27] years as on 31st March of calendar year of application date
  • Work experience: 6 months to 2 years

Program Director

Saurabh Arvind


  • An experienced IT professional with global exposure in variety of leadership roles in Delivery and Customer Relationship in a career spanning over 29 years.
  • In addition to IT Delivery roles, he specializes in professional & leadership development of IT professionals. He has conceptualized and delivered multiple Leadership & Professional development programs to enhance the career paths of budding professionals.



Course content

Salesforce Administration
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing, Salesforce CRM (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS)
  • Overview of Salesforce – Navigations. Tabs, Settings, Company Profile Salesforce App Creation, Standard & Custom Objects, Std. & Custom Fields, Appexchange
  • Validation rules, Pagelayout, Formula Fields,Record Types
  • Lightning Record Page, Search Layout, Compact Layout, Buttons. Links, Quick Action
  • Look-up & Master Detail, Junction object, Roll-up Summary, Field History
  • Sales Cloud - Basics
  • User Management – Creating Users & Managing their permissions.
  • Securing Settings and Sharing Data (Roles, Profiles, Permissions, OWD, Sharing Rules)
  • Managing salesforce Automation Process - Workflows, Approval Process, Process Builder, Flows.
  • Types of Sandboxes, Sandbox refresh
  • How to Deploy Salesforce component in sandboxes
  • Preparation of deployment checklist, Change Set Deployment
Lightning Flows
  • Screen Flow, Screen Components, Debug, Run, Activate
  • Elements(Create,Edit, Delete,Get Record, Assignment, Decision, Loop)
  • Resources(Variable,Constant, Formula, Text Template, Choice, Record Choice, Picklist Choice,Stage, Collections)
  • Resources Availability Outside the Flow(Available for Input, Available for output)
  • Global Variables (Flow, Api, Organization, System, Profile, User, User Role)
  • Adding Flows to Home Page, Record Details Page
  • How to Run the Flow - (User Context, System Context with Sharing and Without Sharing)
  • Exception Handling in Flows
  • AutoLaunched Flow
  • Call Flow from Process Builder
  • SubFlow
  • Record Triggered Flow
  • Using flow in Quick Action
  • Action(Core Action,Apex Action-Calling Apex Method, Email Alert, External Service – Integration
  • Scheduled Triggered Flow
  • Platform Event Triggered Flow
  • Installing AppExchange Components in Flow
  • Login Flow
Salesforce Data Management & Analytics
  • Introduction to Data loader.
  • Introduction to import wizard.
  • Data Importing/Exporting.
  • DML operations(Insert, Update, Delete, Upsert)
  • Salesforce Data Analytics –- Reports, Report Types, Dashboards, Bucket Fields, Dynamic Dashboard.
Salesforce Development
  • Introduction to Programming (OOPs).
  • Introduction to Apex
  • Data Type and operators
  • IF, Switch, Loop
  • Loop, While, Do While, Basics of Oops
  • Object Oriented Programming - Detail
  • Class Level Variable, Function Level Variable, Function Overloading, Static, Constructor
  • Inheritance, Interface
  • Interface, Clean code base, Collection
  • What is collection in salesforce (List, Set, Map).
  • Relationship Queries
  • DML, Governor Limits, Limit Class, Dynamic SOQL
  • Dynamic Apex, Schema Class
  • Dynamic Apex, Get Picklist Values, @Invocable Annotation
  • Test Class
  • Exception Handling
Salesforce Advance Development
  • Apex Batch Jobs, schedule a job , future method, and Governing limits.
  • Apex Triggers, Apex Classes, Test Class, Code Coverage, Best Practice
  • Special functions - Queuable, wrapper class and other keywords using in apex programming
  • Usage of Custom- Setting, Labels, Metadata in apex.
  • Visualforce page- Standard & Custom Controller, Extensions.
  • Avoid Mixed DML Operations
  • Apex Email Services
  • Apex Approval Process
  • Asynchronous Apex - Future method, Queueable, Schedule, Batch
  • Switch Off / On Trigger in production
  • Error handling mechanism
  • Salesforce Sites
Salesforce Integration
  • Need for Integration , Difference between API and Webservices, Different Types of Integration in Salesforce
  • Types of Authentication, Apex REST API, Apex SOAP API
  • How to use Postman to connect Salesforce
  • Consume Third Party API
Salesforce Lightning

Introduction and Basic Lightning components

  • Introduction to Lightning.
  • Why Salesforce lightning frame work?
  • About Lightning Bundles
  • Overview LDS, Component Library, App Builder, Lightning page.
  • Creating basic lightning Aura Component and get understanding of flow
Lightning Aura Components and Applications

Introduction and Basic Lightning components

  • Developing Apps: Using HTML and Lightning Components.
  • Getting Started with Lightning Development
  • Theming Components with CSS
  • How to Define and Manipulate Component Attributes
  • Working with Apex
  • Building Components for Lightning Experience Record Pages
  • Overriding Standard Actions with Lightning Components
  • Defining a Lightning Application
  • Implementing Toasts
Lightning Web Components

LWC Basics

  • Introduction to LWC & Environment Setup, Scratch Org
  • Salesforce CLI
  • Html/CSS/JS Basics
  • LWC File Structure
  • Local Development Server Installation
  • Annotations-Api,Wire,track
  • SLDS
  • Working with Apex Class(Invocable Method)
  • Data Binding - uirecordAPi, LDS, imperative apex call, refresh apex
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Event Communication - Parent to Child, Child to Parent
  • CRUD Operations
JavaScript Basics
  • Variable Declaration
  • Let, set, variable hoisting, const
  • Null vs undefined
  • Functions
  • Arrow Function
  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Spread Operator
  • Destructuring
  • Arrays Helper Functions - Push, Pop, shift, Unshift, reverse,concat,foreach, find, findIndex, filter,sort, splice, map,
  • Promise,Async,Await
  • Fetch API
Salesforce Industry Cloud (Vlocity):
  • Basic understanding of LWC
  • Basics of Web HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Salesforce Omnistudio (formally Vlocity Platform)
    • Flex Cards
    • OmniScript
    • Data Raptor
    • Integration Procedure
    • Vlocity Actions
    • Calculation Matrix (good to have)
  • Salesforce Industries CPQ (Formally Vlocity CPQ)
    • Products, Promotions
    • Price List
    • Context Rule
    • Advanced Rule
    • Cart API’s (good to have)
    • Attribute Base Pricing (good to have)
    • Platform and Session Cache overview
    • CMT Administration Maintenance Jobs overview
    • Cart API , DC API  and Basket API overview if possible.
Behavioural Training (Soft Skills)
  • Inter-personal communications
  • working in teams
  • Design Thinking, Interview skills
  • e-mail etiquettes
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Negotiation Skills.

Assessments & Evaluation Methodology

  • 3 Section level MCQ based assessments
  • Live projects and Live assignments

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