Why Tableau

Tableau is one of the most effective visual analytic tool of Date!

Here we list out, WHY TABLEAU is the preferred choice of analysts and customers alike.

  • Seeing is understanding, we humans are highly visual beings. Is there not a term, seeing is believing. And it is so true in terms of Data. Seeing is indeed believing.
  • One shoe does not fit all, Tableau provides you that flexibility with different version Desktop: for individual needs, Server: for enterprise needs. Different versions are also available for iOS and Android.
  • Tableau makes analyzing data fast and easy. It has set golden standards for self-service BI tools which provides business users to analyze data without any need of IT intervention. You don’t need to code in Tableau. Most of the functionality is possible using drag and drop.
  • Tableau easily lets you to leverage the power of database. You can connect to database views. Tableau helps you optimize the query performance. Above it, with Tableau you can connect to different data sources easily. Be it file based Excel/CSV, relational databases such as Teradata/SQL or Cloud-based data sources as Google Analytics.
  • Tableau’s ability to deliver a user-friendly solution genuinely makes your customers happy.

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