Top industries in Logistics and supply chain management

With the rise of technology and development in Asia, the organisations are looking towards the region to expand their business. There is a surge of investments pouring in from the West and the Asian region needs to move swiftly to accommodate incoming interests.

Logistics depends on a high-quality level of management within the supply chain in order to be effective. These logistics managers are in charge of purchasing goods and making sure they’re transported correctly to their destinations.

Here are some top industries where Logistics and supply chain management is trending.

– Aerospace

The aviation industry is growing with service, speed, global reach, a central point of contact, and management of spare parts inventory. Whether your business needs to ship a single item overnight to get a plane flying, coordinating the arrival of shipments at an overhaul facility or ensuring a steady supply of parts to a factory creates additional pressure to enhance the efficiency of supply chains.

The aerospace equipment manufacturers are also using Just-in-Time delivery to their working for managing inventory, and delivery of products and kits.

– Chemical

The chemical industry has products ranging from solids to liquid to gases which could be hazardous. A rise in the chemical industry has also led to an increase in the safety concerns of chemical logistics as freight traffic has increased.

An increase in the number of untrained staff to handle packaging and transportation of hazardous chemicals and lack of awareness about the new and emerging trends and technologies are some of the concern that challenges the transportation.

– Electronics

As globalization increases, the electronics industry faces greater time and cost pressures.Electronics companies are also using dynamic routing to reallocate shipments based on the latest point-of-sale data. The industry is moving into the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions to make sure that the stocks are replenished at the right time.

– Healthcare

Vendors in the global healthcare logistics market are changing their transportation mode from air to sea for the delivery of medicines/drugs because of certain advantages.

The main trend in the industry is the provision of end-to-end integrated services and creating new methods of pharmaceutical product delivery and home-based healthcare services


With the rise in art and culture, the studios and galleries are increasing. Many organizations offer storage like showrooms, studios and vaults to store and for the movement of the goods.

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