4 Brands Using Storytelling For Business Effectively

For any brands, selling their products or services is important to garner and maintain a constant revenue stream but often, advertisements move beyond just making a sales pitch. The best outcome for certain brands has been in positioning themselves as human brands than just some faceless corporate giants. They use the methods of storytelling and narration to give a human touch to their brand image and create a positive perception.

Here are four brands that have adopted the skill of storytelling beautifully and effectively.

1. Nike
Nike tops the list of brands using storytelling to sell their product. They had adopted this skill even in the late 90s with their commercial involving Michael Jordan, making him their spokesperson. Even in the recent times, Nike has brilliantly used trending issues and presented them with amazing storytelling skills garnering a lot of attention.

2. Airbnb
Airbnb is one of the best examples to use storytelling to establish their brand name. They are famous for driving their content around real life stories, photographs, videos involving real people. But the soul of their marketing relies in inspiring people to feel alive, inspiring wanderlust. It establishes an emotional connect and lures the audience. They have an entire section dedicated to the real-life travel stories on their website that anyone can see and get inspired to book their holiday escapades.

3. Google
The best example presented by Google to show the benefit of storytelling was their reunion ad where it was evident how storytelling can hit the right nerve of the audiences and help in brand-building. The video not just promoted Google’s search engine feature but also conveyed a beautiful story between two rival nations, showing how love or friendship has no boundaries.

4. Dove
Dove’s “Real Beauty Campaign” that focuses on changing society’s perception of beauty and individual’s negative perceptions of self, has shown all of us how beautiful and impactful storytelling can be. Dove’s ad campaigns often addresses social stigma around beauty standards and manages to win the discussion through their amazing storytelling skills.

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