How An Organisation Can Become An Efficient Global Logistics Performer

Logistics Management is crucial for any firm in the transportation industry to be successful in a global economy.  Logistic is a business process, where an organisation plans and manages the trade flow of various goods from the point of manufacturing to the point of consumption.

Global Logistic has to manage the goods and resources in a company’s supply chain with another country to supply the product or take the resources or raw material across the international border.

Every logistic organisation wants to be a global logistic performer. Here are some ways to be a Global Logistic performer:

  • Quality of transport infrastructure

Transportation is a very key element of the logistics process and the supply chain which runs from vendors through to you to your customers.  Transportation provides an organization with the opening to create efficient operations.

To be a Global Logistics performer, there should be a proper functioning of any transportation system.

  • Efficiency of clearance process

Efficient customs clearance requires technical knowledge and respect for procedure, as well as an ability to understand the game, speak the language, and build good relationships throughout the supply chain.

  • Competence and quality of logistics services

The ability and excellence of any firm in logistic creates customer satisfaction which results in the Global Logistic performer. The poor quality and delay of work in logistics are harmful for the company’s reputation.

  • Ability to track shipments

Shipment tracking and monitoring are very important in Logistics and supply chain management. Tracking system helps to identify the position of the shipment and informed the customer in well advance.

  • Timeliness of shipment

The shipment has to reach your customer on time. The more early it reaches the more your customer relies on you.  There is much industry which is time bound and needs their goods on time to reach their customer.

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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the latest method through which companies connects to its current and potential customers. Marketers use online technology, software and digital channels like Google, Social Media, Blogs, and Websites to reach the audience. Thus, digital marketing is promoting your brand or business using technology and digital media. The need for digital marketers and digital skills can provide you with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your value and ability.






Here we bring to you the five benefits one can have with Digital Marketing:

Easy Connectivity: Digital Marketing provides marketers to connect easily with their existing and potential customers. It provides a platform to find new market and trade globally with a small amount of investment. Digital Marketing helps the marketer to access to a large target audience.

Generates Higher Conversion Rates: Converting customers digitally with just one click is easy. Traditional media requires people to move and go to a shop, whereas digital marketing can make everything immediate and easy.

Generates higher ROI: When we increase our online reach, it increases your revenue than a traditional marketing technique. Through digital marketing, we get real and accurate data and predict easily the Return of investment. You can run any campaign fixed with an objective like lead generation, visitors for any website, and installations for an application.

Measurable Results: through traditional marketing technique you cannot decide how many people have viewed your billboard or print ads. With digital marketing, we get valid reports and numbers on how many people have clicked on the specific link and how many have seen the ad or to how many the ads have reached.

Economical: Digital marketing is very economical. A systematic and proper planning and effectively targeting digital marketing campaign can reach the right customers at a very less cost. The digital marketing can replace the traditional media where in the huge cost can be saved easily.

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5 Effective Marketing Strategies For Sales & Brand Building

With the advancement of innovation and technology, there are lots of new marketing strategies that have emerged because they turn out to be the best for business development.
Marketing strategy is the base for creating business awareness, connecting customers and clients to certain product and service in order to maximize profit and sustain the business.
It takes a lot of time and investment to create and maintain a marketing technique that endears to your target audience.






Here are five best and effective marketing strategies to consider:

Market Research: Market research helps you gain information or data about the market that is very crucial for every business and institutions. It helps to manage your business decisions by gathering information about the market and the competition and empowers you to understand your customer, pricing and your product. Market research is the essential foundation for all your marketing strategy and advertisement that you plan.

Know your product and competition: It is important to know and understand your product while making a business strategy. Understand the product thoroughly because if you have no idea what your product is all about the strategy will be of no use. You should have awareness about your competitors’ product and their strategy technique.

Increase awareness: Create awareness about your product; inform your potential customers that you exist in the market. It is certainly impossible for a customer to buy your product or service if they don’t remember you. You know who your target audience is, cater to their requirements and fulfill their desire. So that they know you are there and purchase your product.

Building Credibility: Building credibility and trust are very important while you create a marketing strategy for your product or business. They should not just remember you rather they should have a positive attitude towards your product and depend on you no matter what.

Continuous Marketing: For every marketing strategy to be effective the product has to be marketed continuously for branding. In attaining your marketing strategy, you need to market yourself continuously with a proper planning and not losing out at any moment.Check out strategic management course by Education Lanes for sales and marketing professionals from IIM RohtakExecutive Program in Strategic Sales & Marketing Management or visit

5 Key Skills Every Entrepreneur and Leaders Must Have

There may be many great minds behind a concept or idea, but the entire business lies on planning and strategizing appropriately. Any bad leader or an entrepreneur might screw up the entire thing hence, it becomes important to master certain key skills to not only make the business successful in the beginning but to establish a brand in the long run as well.

Here we bring you five such key skills every entrepreneur and leader must have:

1. Healthy Communication Is Must.
Communication is anytime and every time the primary step to success. Nothing can be made possible without communicating effectively. Be it your subordinates or your clients, it is essential to communicate everything effectively and before hand. Good communications skills form the basis of a good leadership or entrepreneurship.

2. Be A Risk Taker.
Every business is formed with a risk and made a successful one by taking many as well. Any leader or entrepreneur must be careful while making decisions but at the same time should be open to taking certain risks. When you don’t fear risks there’s nothing that can back you down from being successful. Profit and losses are a part of every business after all.

3. Always Up For Learning And Experimenting.
Degrees, Classes, lectures might give you appropriate knowledge on how to start a business or how to lead it but once after entering the field, there’s so much to grasp and learn each day. In such case, one should always be open to learning from different experiences, be it a positive one or a negative one. One should never let over-confidence overtake your learning spirit. Sometimes even your subordinates might give you certain ideas that may lift up the business.

4. Always Give Due Credit.
As a leader or an entrepreneur, it is essential to provide required credit to an employee. This also helps in maintaining the brand name. If an employee gives out negative feedback about the organization in the market, there’s nothing worse that can damage the goodwill of your company.

5. Never Give Up.
Failure is a part of any business. The entire game is of profit and losses. Always take those failures as a learning experience and never give up on hope or belief in your idea. A leader’s confidence is what that carries the entire team support forward. If a leader is seen breaking down, the team starts falling apart.

These are just a few of the strengths that any leader or entrepreneur must possess.

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5 Reasons Why Business Storytelling is an Important Skill

Almost every organization is seen adopting the use of storytelling to sell their products and the results are turning out to be beneficial for the marketers. People are able to connect with the brand much more through the advertisements that contain any story or narration.

Thus, here are five reasons why business storytelling is an essential skill that marketers need to adopt immediately.

1. Helps In Building Impact:
A story is something that helps people remember about a certain topic, person and when used in business, storytelling can turn out to be quite essential while leaving an impact on a person’s mind. Be it customers or investors, storytelling can help in presenting the idea more effectively and eventually letting it stick on the person’s mind.

2. Simplifies The Process:
Anything presented in a form of a story not just makes it interesting but also simplifies things for both the listener and the storyteller. It helps people to relate and understand things better, hence when used to present business ideas or products, it can help the customer to understand the concept better and ultimately get attracted towards the product.

3. Helps In Generating Emotional Response:
When people are able to connect with things, they respond effectively and sometimes emotionally. Stories can touch a consumer’s heart and as a result, lure them towards the product. Hence, many advertisers are using the skill of story telling to sell their products and the response has been powerful too.

4. Enables Consumer To Learn About The Brand:
The techniques a marketer uses to promote his/her product tells a lot about the brand or the company. An aware consumer closely notices it and chooses the brand carefully. Thus, a good storytelling technique can help the consumer to understand the brand and connect with it easily triggering a response which eventually helps in building up the brand.

5. Helps In Determining Future Strategies:
Sometimes an advertisement that has good storyline might not do well with the audience whereas sometimes any advertisement with a basic message or storyline might earn the company success or vice versa. In this situation, the responses help the organization to analyze the audience’s point of view and work on their future strategies accordingly.

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4 Brands Using Storytelling For Business Effectively

For any brands, selling their products or services is important to garner and maintain a constant revenue stream but often, advertisements move beyond just making a sales pitch. The best outcome for certain brands has been in positioning themselves as human brands than just some faceless corporate giants. They use the methods of storytelling and narration to give a human touch to their brand image and create a positive perception.

Here are four brands that have adopted the skill of storytelling beautifully and effectively.

1. Nike
Nike tops the list of brands using storytelling to sell their product. They had adopted this skill even in the late 90s with their commercial involving Michael Jordan, making him their spokesperson. Even in the recent times, Nike has brilliantly used trending issues and presented them with amazing storytelling skills garnering a lot of attention.

2. Airbnb
Airbnb is one of the best examples to use storytelling to establish their brand name. They are famous for driving their content around real life stories, photographs, videos involving real people. But the soul of their marketing relies in inspiring people to feel alive, inspiring wanderlust. It establishes an emotional connect and lures the audience. They have an entire section dedicated to the real-life travel stories on their website that anyone can see and get inspired to book their holiday escapades.

3. Google
The best example presented by Google to show the benefit of storytelling was their reunion ad where it was evident how storytelling can hit the right nerve of the audiences and help in brand-building. The video not just promoted Google’s search engine feature but also conveyed a beautiful story between two rival nations, showing how love or friendship has no boundaries.

4. Dove
Dove’s “Real Beauty Campaign” that focuses on changing society’s perception of beauty and individual’s negative perceptions of self, has shown all of us how beautiful and impactful storytelling can be. Dove’s ad campaigns often addresses social stigma around beauty standards and manages to win the discussion through their amazing storytelling skills.

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5 Benefits Of Entrepreneurship And Leadership Skill Enhancement

In the era of startups, it is essential to note that a company with an assertive leader or an entrepreneur is a company that floats in the end, with others sinking due to lack of the same. Keeping the same in mind, it is rather crucial to ensure that good entrepreneurship skills are adopted to become a better leader and pave the road to success for the company that you are working for.

To practice good entrepreneurial and leadership skills at work, one needs guidance and assistance. But do we have such programs available in India that focuses primarily on building strong leaders and entrepreneurs?

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Here are some benefits of the taking the entrepreneurial and leadership program that will help you evolve as a better professional:

    • To gain self confidence: One of the major reasons why startups are failing miserably is lack of self confidence in the leaders or the entrepreneurs. It is important to note that only if one has faith in themselves, will they be able to gain the trust of others. Hence, as an entrepreneur, one must have self confidence on the decisions taken. This will not only test your confidence in key decision making process but also boost your morale to believe in your decision.


    • Provide room for introspection: The program will help you learn how to respond in testing times, allowing you to take charge of the situation. This will enable you to identify your flaws and drawbacks and work on them to enhance your entrepreneurial and leadership skills.


    • Work as a team: An entrepreneur or a leader is not a one man army. They may provide direction but it requires a team to execute the decision taken by the one with authority. Hence, the program will help you in understanding the significance of team building. It will allow you to identify the quality of each individual in your team and use their positives to benefit the project.


    • Build your analytical skills: As a leader or an entrepreneur, it is important to have a good analytical knowledge about the business and the project that you are heading. This aids in adopting reductive measures to minimize the chances of committing a mistake on the work front. Through the program, one can learn to take evaluative decisions that are beneficial for the company.


    • Interact with other leaders: The program will not just limit you to learning the key benefits about leadership and entrepreneurship skills, but will provide ample exposure by initiating interaction with other leaders, giving you room to draw inferences from their experience and co-exist with them to understand the issue of conflict of ideas and ways to resolve them.


So what are you waiting for? Enrol yourself to the program and bring out the best in you as an entrepreneur and a leader!