Classes are delivered by faculty from the studio. Studios set up at different locations are fully equipped with all required audio, video and computer systems that allow the instructor to teach and interact with students who could be spread across the world.

The Interactive Onsite Learning Platform

Education Lanes backed by Tech Mahindra’s strong technology expertise developed an advanced platform which combines the critical aspects of real time verbal and visual communication , two-way video and audio synchronized with rich content collaboration, discussion groups, application sharing and live interaction. With this platform, live sessions become highly intuitive and effective, as video and rich interactive content are delivered directly to the desktop of the student. The communications platform reaches large numbers of people in real-time.

Our embedded platform meets the most stringent performance criteria of real time delivery of classes. Our platform is created to scale applications that combines quality video with two-way audio and data transfer to enable live delivery. We offers live collaboration tools such as whiteboard annotations, discussion groups, chats, application sharing, and guided browsing.

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